Antananarivo Airport Guide

Antananarivo Airport or Ivato Airport is located in the capital of Madagascar, representing a main connecting point to several flights to Asia or Europe but also to regions of Africa.

Air Madagascar, Comores Aviation, Airlink and Kenya Airways are all local airlines that fly to and from Antananarivo Airport while the international airlines are Air Mauritius, Corsair International, Air Austral and Air France.

Airport Antananarivo Madagascar

Antananarivo Airport terminal | Image Source: Wikipedia

Airport Map

If you would like to see a map of Antananarivo Airport, you can click on google maps and write Madagascar Airport into search box. To get a closer look, you will just have to zoom in.

There are two different terminals: one for international flights and the other one for domestic flights. However, a second terminal is under construction right now, which will have one more runway, as well as a car park.


The places where you can relax while you’re waiting for your flight in Antananarivo Airport aren’t so comfortable because they basically involve plastic chairs that you can sit on.

If you would prefer a better way of relaxing and you have enough time to spare before your flight you can just go inside one of the restaurants or cafes.

Shops, Bars and Restaurants

The National, as well as the International Terminal, each has a cafe and restaurant where you can eat, as well as relax before your flight departures. If you have to wait for a few hours, you could actually take a short 10 minutes trip with a taxi to Croc Farm which is located at the opposite end of the runway because you can eat crocodile hamburgers there.

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Money Exchange

Exchanging your money into the local currency is essential upon arrival and you can do that while you’re in the Antananarivo Airport, at the International Terminal and Currency Exchange Bureau that you can find where the parking lot ends. The rates for the exchange are reasonable and everything is safe.

Post Office

The Post Office of the Antananarivo Airport is also located in the proximity of the parking lot.

Tourist Information

Those of you, who are interested in extra information on Antananarivo regarding accommodation, restaurants and tourist attraction, should check the Antananarivo City Guide on this page.

Airport Hotels

If you are interested in accommodation that is situated near Antananarivo Airport, then you should book your staying at Orchid Hotel, Les Hautes Terres Hotel, Sakamanga Hotel or Hotel Tamboho, which are at the top of the tourist preferences on

Orchid Hotel has receive great reviews in terms of accommodation prices and services offered while Les Hautes Terres Hotel is located only 2.2 km away from the airport. For more information regarding these hotels, have a look at the hotels page.

Car Rental

Check out the car rental services you can use from Antananarivo Airport.