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8 Channel Preamp

Preamp Presonus Digimax LT 8 channel Digital w/ Light pipe out.


SM Pro Audio PR8 Microphone Preamp | 8 Channel Rack Unit | Tested


Presonus Digimax Digital 8 Channel Microphone Recording Pre-Amp Digi Max Mic


Focusrite OctoPre Mkii Dynamic 8-channel PreAmp and Compressor


Audient ASP800 8 Channel Microphone Preamp


PreSonus Digimax 8 Channel Preamp w/ Ext PS w/ ADAT out & Limiters CLEAN PRES!


Focusrite OctoPre MkII 8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier ADAT 24bit/96khz


Audient ASP880 8-Channel Class A Mic Preamplifier and ADC


PreSonus Digimax FS 8-Channel Mic Preamp


Presonus Digimax LT Eight 8 Channel Digital Mic Line Preamp With Line Pipe Out


Harbinger L802 8-Channel Mixer with 2 XLR Mic Preamps


SM Pro Audio PR-8 8-Channel Mic Preamp


Behringer ADA8200 8-Channel Microphone Preamp with Optical Light Pipe I/O


Audient ASP800 8-channel Microphone Preamplifier + ADC w/ HMX In great shape!


Presonus Digimax D8* Digital 8 Channel Recording Pre-Amp with 24 bit ADAT


PreSonus Digimax 96k 8 Channel Preamp/Converter with limiters


Presonus M80 8 Channel Microphone Preamp with Jensen transformers LT1357 op amp


M-Audio Octane 8 Channel Mic Preamp A/D Convertor With ADAT Lightpipe


PreSonus DigiMax DP88 8-Channel A/D/A with Recallable XMAX Microphone Preamps


Focusrite OctoPre MkII 8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier


Yamaha MLA7 8-channel In - Out Mic/Line Preamp


Avid Technologies PRE - 8-Channel High-Definition Microphone PreAmp


SPL Crescendo Model 1170 - 8 Channel Class A 120V Preamplifier


Presonus Digimax D8 8 Channel Premium Studio Preamplifier w/ 48 kHz ADAT Output


JDK Audio 8MX2 8-Channel Microphone Preamp and 8x2x8 Mixer. Sales Tax Special!


Focusrite ISA828 8-Channel Microphone Preamplifier with Variable Input Impedance


Presonus DIGIMAX D8 Digital 8 Channel Microphone Recording Pre-Amp Digi Max New


PreSonus Digimax DP88 8-Channel A/D/A Converter w/ XMAX Preamps NPRE117


RSP Technologies Project X 8 Channel Microphone Preamp, Rack Mountable


Midas XL48 8-Channel XL4 1RU Digi-Log, 96khz mic preamplifier - NEW!


ART TubeOpto 8 8-channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier


SM Pro Audio PR8E 8-Channel Rack Mic Microphone Preamp w/ Box


PreSonus DigiMax DP88 8 Channel ADAT Mic Preamp Expansion Apollo Studio 192 NEW


JDK Audio 8MX2 8-Channel Rackmount Microphone Preamp and 8x2x8 Mixer


Audient ASP800 8-channel Mic Preamp with iD22 10x14 USB Audio Interface New


M-Audio Octane 8 Channel Mic Preamp ADAT Lightpipe


Presonus M80 8 Channel Profession Microphone Preamp


Focusrite ISA 828 8-channel mic preamp


Audient ASP880 8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier and ADC New


RME OctaMic II 8-Channel Mic Preamp New JRR Shop