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Truss Used

Global Truss SQ-4110 1 Meter Sections 2pak


Global Truss ST132 Medium Duty Lighting Crank Stand


Global Truss White Lighting Truss 30"X30" F34 Aluminum Base Plate




Global Truss SQ-4112 White Lighting Truss 12-Inch F34 6.56 Ft Segment


Global Truss F44P (16”) Box Truss 4.0 Meters Long. Lot of 4


Global Truss SQ-4112-215 7.05Ft (2.15M) Square F34 Truss Segment *


aluminum truss dollies


USED Global Truss circle truss SQ-C7-45 inquire about other sizes available!


Global Truss 8 Foot Four Straight Segment


Global Truss 16" Corner Junction Square f44 Block 2-6 way


Global truss SQ-4118 - 16.40 ft. (5.0m) SQUARE SEGMENT/325.00


Da-Lite Fast Fold 7.5x10' | Projector Frame Stage Lightweight Truss Assembly


Da Lite 18’ Truss Legs In Heavy Duty Rolling Case - No Screen


Global Truss Circular Truss Topper for F34 Series Trussing


Used Square Corner Truss Universal Junction Box Cube


ProX T-LS31M 10ft DJ Stage Lighting Truss Light Stand PROAUDIOSTAR


Global Truss 20"x20" Aluminum Base Plate for F24 Series


Global Truss Corners


Global Truss IB-4050 4.92Ft (1.5M) I-Beam 12-Inch F32 Straight Truss Segment


Global Truss 2 St-180 - 18Ft Heavy Duty Tower Lifter Crank Stand W/Outriggers 


Global Truss 3-way SQ-4126 Truss sq4126 (Pickup Only)


Global Truss SQ-4122 2-Way 120 Degree Truss Corner


Global Truss TRUSS-TOTEM-2-RST-01 Truss Kit [RESTOCK ITEM]


Global Truss SQ-4111-1250 Square 12 Inch Truss F34 Straight 4.10 Foot (1.25M)


GLOBAL TRUSS SQF141.5 4.92 Ft. (1.5 M) Mini Square Segment #R545


3 Triangular Global 1.2M Lighting Truss & .5M & More FLORIDA 32907 LOCAL ONLY


Global Truss SQ-4109-.29 0.95 Ft (0.29m) Square Truss Segment


Global Truss ST-5050 Corner Brace


Vertical Truss Totem for Lighting


Triangle 9-In Truss F23 3W 90D Crn 1.64Ft (.5M)


Global Truss 3-Way Triangular 90 Degree Corner Truss Section


Global Truss TR-4087I 2-Way 60 Deg Corner Apex I +


Global Truss SQ-F24-C21 1.64Ft Light Duty 2-Way 90 Degree Corner Truss Section


Da-Lite Fast Fold 10.5x14' | Projector Frame Stage Lightweight Truss Assembly


On-Stage Truss Section 60" each Truss 120" Total Length


Global Truss STSB006 Crank Adapter


Global Truss IB-4068-V 1.64FT 3-Way Vertical I-Beam Trussing T-Junction




Global Truss GTTC15Z 4.92Ft (1.5M) Truss Cover


Global Truss Coupler For F34 Truss, Set Of 10 With Pins


Global Truss IB-4060V Two-Way 90 Degree Vertical Flat Corner Segment - Black